Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A great night with good old friends

One of my friends posted "we have a friend in India and I am in town, how about a reunion". A few days pass and there we are: News Cafe, Inorbit, 8:30 PM. I lug in first and wait watching the inane India/West Indies test match. As I get bored I look back and start thinking about how I feel: Will I still get along with them, What do they do, Will I be able to blend in and the worst one of all: Will I recognize them and the other way around.

As people start trooping in, all fears give way to fond memories like: Remember that teacher you hated, or that moron who was in charge, the classmate/senior you had a crush on, the names you were called in school etc. The discussion noise levels go up to a point the loud music in the back does not bother anyone. People free up, hugs everywhere, laughter unlimited, birthday celebrated and information about each other being shared all over. Somewhere along the way I forgot who I am today and became the student I was in school. All these friends were people I shared some of the best days of my life with and helped me become who I am today.

We look at the clock and its close to 3 AM when reminders of kids and family come along and bring us into the present. It was a wonderful night with friends I had not met in a long time and hope to meet quite often going forward. The memory that stood out on my drive back home was: I was truly happy in the company of everyone I met, I guess the friends you make in school and college are the ones who stay all your life.


Surekha Veturi said...

Hi Vamsi

Saw the pix and they look just great.Wish i was there.

Vamsi said...

We will do a repeat when you come down Surekha