Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inspiration...arrives from unexpected avenues

I was thinking how uninspired I had become professionally lately. I strongly believe the reason I have gotten somewhere professionally is because there was a fire to achieve something different, unfortunately the fire did not seem to burn as much lately. This morning I was reminded of this passion towards work again from a young 21 year old kid who recently joined my company as a Office Assistant. The 30 minutes on the way to work with this kid reminded me why I had started working the way I did long back. After a very long time I was quiet and listening while he was talking. He told me a story of how his uneducated father had worked all his life in mud so his family could see better days and times. All this kid wanted to achieve in his life was to make his parents proud and have a meaning for his education.

It was this trait and the story behind him that got him this job. It also reminded me that I was among the lucky few to have gotten to where I am today and there was no turning back. Life has a way of giving us inspiration at the right times from the places you least expect. In many ways I am very fortunate and for that I am thankful.

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