Monday, September 17, 2012

Fear, Hurt, Emotion and Goals

What are we most afraid of?  As we become socially successful, complications arise and the fear of losing everything we claim as a success comes along. This fear is found within ourselves and is most dangerous because it hurts everyone we care about.     Its very important to measure this fear, accept it and live with it rather than let it overcome our entire lives. 

Lately, I have heard more people tell me that I have become professionally successful very early in life hence I continue to make mistakes and hurt people out of my arrogance.   The hurt others face is an outcome of getting too attached to people they cannot handle.  I have faced it several times and am slowly learning to detach myself with most relationships, some relationships though, I dont want to regardless of the hurt since they have defined me as a person. 

How I yearn for the simple days in life where a cup of coffee with a dear one over conversation was much cherished.   Today, every conversation is about one upmanship or the next move.  Not that I don't enjoy the battle but there are days when I wake up wanting nothing more than a simple moment.  Success has a very big price tag, we should choose wisely on how much we wish to attain. 

What is the one parameter that built my company ground up?  Its emotion, most people consider displaying emotions as a negative, I consider this as proving yourself human and finding a way to inspire ourselves through this emotion.  Not only am I emotional but very proud of it. 

The one question many people have asked me lately is "What Next"?  I woke up this morning and smelt the air, it smells of India as one of my US guests mentioned (in a very good way), my country, the one I am truly attached to and emotional about.  Regardless of the flaws and the problems associated with it, it gave me the affection I never expected and made me the person I am today.  Time for me to build the next set of leaders and hand it back to her in my own way.