Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Imperfect Me

Most of us strive to be good human beings. A part of that task is to try and be perfect at something, a perfect husband or father or boss. I have a different story to tell. I want to understand the imperfections in me and accept that I am what I am, Imperfect.

Its not that I do not like or want to be perfect, its just that with that want comes immense pressure to be that way. If I am imperfect, then I have no need to try and be right all the time and better yet, be forgiven for being stupid or short tempered. Trust me, its easier said than done. This process will take time, I mean don't we need to bend our pride in order to accept that a lot of what we do may not always be right, atleast not for everyone.

A lot of people I know have come up the hard way hence its tough to convince them that there is a world outside their opinions which may be better than their own. While some of the better ones accept this in theory most of us are in denial on the reality front. I head that list. The worst part is, we are all so good at what we do that we convince ourselves that our opinions are among the wiser ones around in this world. Are we all right?

A lot of my friends talk about environment and some of them are obsessed about it. In a way I am proud that we are among a minority that really care. Unfortunately, sometimes I tend to feel this obsession with one particular issue is a way of forgetting the million others we have around us. On the other hand, it may be better to try and better one problem than have a hand dipped into many with no output. My opinion on this matter is muddled hence I do what I know best, follow what these guys say in the faith that I am doing some good. Sometimes when we are unable to have an opinion of our own it may be a good idea to follow the the public opinion. Escapism is the best way to feel better. More later.