Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Regionalism not casteism is India's biggest problem

Someone asked me whether I was Pro or Anti Telangana. I said I am a Hyderabadi. Everytime I hear that 4 crore Telanganites want Telangana, I am shocked. If there are 4 Crore Telanaga people, there are rougly 1.2 Cr in Hyderabad and I am sure most of them dont want things to change. If they do, most would like Hyderabad to be an independent entity. Who do we blame, some blame politicians, some blame students, centre, state, blah blah. I blame all of us for letting the KCR's and the Kodandaram's use people's sentiments to their material use. Apparently there is a Quit Telangana movement by KCR's daughter today. I wish all these people had the read the civics lesson taught in the 10th class of every school which gives everyone to have a right to live anywhere in India and have their own opinion. Every time I skim though the news channels and see the politicians speak, I cringe at the sheer lack of behavior all these people exhibit. if they were in School I am sure their teacher would cane them. Are these the people representing us, what a shame.
I am not anti-Telangana neither am I Pro, all I want is to be left alone. In this mess where 3~4 bandhs a month have become common I just want people to know I am a commoner working hard to ensure India succeeds as an economy, stop testing my patience. When terrorists disrupt normalcy and instill fear in people, then regionalism does the same thing. All these guys are no better than terrorists and they should be dealt with in the same manner. What is the purpose of a separate state when the country is on the boil. If everyone believes Telangana is underdeveloped and needs to move ahead, please propose plans to empower the region and I will take part not talk about a separate state and disrupt people's lives over a biryani packet and 300 rupees a day.

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