Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Confusions Galore

Confusion. The feeling most experienced by me lately. Through most of my life, I was fairly confident of the decisions I took, but lately when family or serious money is involved, I am unable to take decisions as confidently as earlier. Surprisingly, even the smallest of decisions leads to confusion. Confusion about which city to stay in, about which apartment to buy, opinions about people around me etc etc. Kavitha said earlier today: You are thinking too much, just relax. I should, just wish it was that easy. The question lies as such: Say, you are taking a decision that has no financial bearing or serious consequences, is it easy to take a decision? I would say most of us would resort to Yes as an answer. How about if it involved serious consequences, both personally and financially. The anwer isn't that easy anymore, right? Most of my friends say, do what makes you happy, regardless of the finances involved. Unfortunatey, when a lot is at stake, I find it tough to do that.

On the brighter side, past the confusion, life is moving at a brisk pace. The guys at work are picking up and doing fairly well. I have requested for a serious peformance review, let's see what happens on that end. And to top it all, Nethra, lovely Nethra. She has started conversing in English and both Kavitha and I love it. I think the pride is immense when she says something impressive. She turns into a brat more often now, but with a two and half year old, that should be expected.

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